Walksheets: Worksheets with a Movement Component

Whether they love them or hate them, most students are familiar with worksheets. They are used in the classroom or at home to reinforce learning concepts and help teachers determine whether students fully grasp a lesson.

At Walkabouts, we believe that worksheets can be a helpful tool for teachers and parents. That’s why everyone with a subscription to Walkabouts has access to Walksheets, downloadable and printable PDF worksheets that include a movement component and reinforce the language arts, math, and reading content presented in Walkabouts. Each Walkabout has at least one corresponding Walksheets set, and most are between three and five pages long and include answer keys.


Walksheets are designed to include movement and kinesthetic learning component. While we know it’s important to review a concept, we believe it’s also important to incorporate movement to stimulate the brain. Many Walksheets go above and beyond the traditional format and ask students to play games, color, cut and paste, and even paint. At the top of each Walksheet, a warm-up gets kids moving before they complete the Walksheet.

While completing Walkabouts, students hone gross motor skills while learning new content and reinforcing previously learned skills. While completing Walksheets, students employ fine motor skills through tasks including writing, drawing, cutting, and pasting!

Check out these Sample Walksheets to find out what we mean.


There are several ways teachers can incorporate Walksheets into their lesson plans, including:

  • Homework to reinforce skills presented in Walkabouts
  • Material to improve lesson retention over holiday breaks, summer break, or during inclement weather
  • Extra practice for advanced learners who finish other activities first
  • Classroom review
  • Pre-tests and post-tests

The Anatomy of a Walksheet provides information on how to access Walksheets that correspond to Walkabouts. To find, view, and print Walksheets, login to your Walkabouts account, go to the Home screen, and then click Print PDF Practice Lessons (light blue button).

We also have 34 new Walksheets sets this year! After you log in, look for Click for New Walksheets! on the right side of the screen to access these sets.