ActivEd and Walkabouts were inspired by years of published research about both education and health — and the correlation between the two.

In fact, ActivEd founder Dr. Julian Reed is among the nation’s leading researchers exploring the relationship between issues such as obesity, cognition, and academic achievement. Dr. Reed’s findings and his research about kinesthetic learning continue to inform all facets of the Walkabouts platform. Click the button on the right to download Dr. Reed’s white paper, “The Science Behind Walkabouts.”

Does Incorporating Physical Activity Really Improve Student Outcomes?

Getting kids moving helps them learn—and here’s the research to prove it. ActivEd founder Dr. Julian Reed is among the nation’s leading researchers exploring the relationship between issues such as obesity and academic achievement. The research clearly shows that an active education leads to:

• Increased student engagement and achievement
• Improved comportment
• Reduced behavior referrals
• Adoption of healthy habits and reduced obesity

Walkabouts do more than make language arts, math, and reading lessons fun. They also trigger students’ kinesthetic intelligence. Walkabouts are evidence-based, and each online adventure engages students in kinesthetic learning. To learn more about the scientific foundation of Walkabouts, check out our research articles, read our case studies, or watch the video case study below!

Listen to the conversation of Dr. Julian Reed and Holly Owens on the EdUp EdTech Podcast as they discuss using movement to foster social emotional learning.
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Our founder and CEO, Dr. Julian Reed, joined Robert Martellacci of MindShare Learning to talk about healthy, active learning and living. Hear their conversation.
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On an episode of the School Behaviour Secrets Podcast, Dr. Julian Reed discussed the benefits of regular exercise on students' focus and behavior.
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Listen to Dr. Julian Reed's conversation with Drew Garner of the Health Science Coach Podcast about how to activate elementary lessons with movement.
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Lisa Navarra of the Student Success Beyond Expectations Podcast talked with Dr. Julian Reed, about how Walkabouts improve student outcomes.
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How does movement impact classrooms and students? Dr. Julian Reed discussed that and more on The Teachernerdz Podcast. 
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Listen in as Dr. Julian Reed talks with Anna-Lisa Mackey, M.Ed. of the Social Emotional Us Podcast about how movement improves learning.  
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Walkabouts has the two qualities every teacher is looking for — fun and educational!
Ashley D. | Teacher
Our teachers absolutely love that this active learning platform provides movement rich activities that are tied directly to our specific state standards.
Andrea B. | Academic Specialist for K-12 Health & PE
The program is easy to use, jam-packed with standards-aligned content, and is fun and interesting for the students.
Carly K. | Teacher
Walkabouts is a fun, engaging tool to get students moving while they learn about content related topics and/or practice previously taught skills.
Kaci K. | Teacher
The directions are easy to follow for students, the Walkabouts are an appropriate length of time, and the catalog of standards addressed is comprehensive.
Suzannah E. | Instructional Coordinator

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