Celebrate National Kindergarten Day

At Walkabouts, we encourage teachers to find time to recognize all types of growth in the classroom. We understand that students need opportunities to acknowledge their accomplishments — both small and large — consistently throughout the school year. 

Think back to the fall when eager kindergartners were getting ready to make their big debut at school. From picking out school supplies to selecting the perfect outfit for the first day, the year has been full of new adventures. 

Imagine new students standing in the thresholds of their classrooms, timidly tucked behind their parents. They shyly and inquisitively approach a room full of strangers, not knowing what to expect. For many students,  being new to school and what school is all about can be overwhelming. Right from the start, kindergarteners have big experiences that may result in a lot of feelings, frustrations, and reactions. 

With Walkabouts, we show students that kindergarten at its core is about safe spaces to play, explore interests, and express creativity. The Walkabouts platform transforms classrooms into movement-rich environments with learning experiences that integrate physical activity with language arts, math, and reading content. 

With spring break now past us, there are many opportunities to positively propel our students toward summer. Walkabouts infuse classrooms with energy and movement to keep  the positive momentum through the end of the school year. 

This year, National Kindergarten Day falls on Thursday, April 21, 2022. What better time to recognize the growth and achievements from the start of the school year than during National Kindergarten Day? 

Consider these four ways to celebrate with kindergarteners: 


Explore the emotions we experience when we celebrate. Engage the class with sensory questions and associated movements as a way to both verbalize and visualize celebration.

How does celebration FEEL? 

  • Soft like a rabbit’s fur? 
  • Crunchy like a carrot? 
  • Warm like spring sunshine? 

How do we MOVE when we celebrate?

  • By waving our arms? 
  • By jumping up high?
  • By shaking our heads?

What does celebration SMELL like?

  • Buttery like popcorn?
  • Sour and sweet like lemonade?
  • Sugary like freshly baked cookies? 

How does celebration SOUND? 

  • Like a fanfare of trumpets?
  • Like a rooster’s crow?
  • Like a round of applause?

What does celebration TASTE like? 

  • Chewy like gum? 
  • Bubbly like soda? 
  • Sweet like ice cream?

Engaging in emotive responses and movements allows students to creatively express how celebration feels, moves, smells, sounds, and tastes. Have students incorporate the physical motions of playacting as they share their ideas with the class. 


Turn up the beats to get students on their feet. Gather a list of classroom favorites for students to dance and move along to. Time the songs so they change every 30 to 60 seconds. With each new tune, challenge students to dance in a different way and try new movements.    


Set up stations throughout the classroom for students to show off their successes. 

  • Celebration Story: Have students write or draw a short celebration story about an accomplishment during the school year. Ask students to include why the accomplishment was meaningful to them. 
  • Celebration Art: Have students paint, color, and/or draw a picture of an accomplishment during the school year. The artwork can accompany the celebration story or depict a separate accomplishment.
  • Celebration Song: Have students compose lyrics to celebrate their favorite part of kindergarten. Songs can be paired to the tunes of well-known nursery rhymes, lullabies, or popular songs. Consider sharing the following example sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.” Kindergarten is so much fun, so much fun, so much fun. Kindergarten is so much fun. We paint and color. 

Celebration of success is best when it can be shared. After students have completed each station, gather the class for celebration sharing time. Allow students to tell about the accomplishments they are most proud of and their favorite parts of kindergarten. This allows students to feel seen, heard, and valued in their classroom community. 


Have students write or draw one accomplishment from the school year on a piece of paper, and place it in the jar. Gather students, and allow each student to pick a paper from the jar one at a time. After making sure it isn’t their own paper, the selected student should read aloud or describe the celebration of another classmate. If students are not confident readers, consider reading or describing the accomplishments yourself. Afterward each accomplishment, ask students to clap or cheer along with their choice of celebration movement. If desired, include all the students’ celebrations on one large celebration poster, and display it in the classroom as a reminder of students’ successes. 

We can’t wait to see all the fun ways you celebrate National Kindergarten Day with your class! #NationalKindergartenDay

Celebrating National Kindergarten Day with Walkabouts is sure to spark joy with students. More than 90% of teachers agree that Walkabouts are “fun” or “very fun” to use in their classroom. Find the Walkabout subscription that best meets your educational needs. From homeschools and daycares to individual classes and school communities, Walkabouts has subscription plans to support students with unique, movement-rich lessons.