The ActivEd team includes research authorities, respected authors, and award-winning designers who created Walkabouts based on both their expertise in their fields and their passion as parents. Each of us shares a simple, exciting vision: to activate educational content and engage students in learning.

We call it the movement movement.

Reed 2023

Dr. Julian A. Reed


As a kinesthetic learner, Julian remembers his active classes in school most fondly. He based Walkabouts on scientific research that proves kids who move more perform better academically. He hopes to kick start a new generation of children who stay active and learn at the same time. He also likes to ride his bike and run with his family.

Walkabouts2019site Graphics2 01 Matt

Matt Ferebee


Matt is a former educator who has experienced the power of kinesthetic learning firsthand in both his own classroom and in the lives of his two sons. His focus with the company is technology, user experience, and marketing.

Walkabouts2019site Graphics2 04 Brew

Brewster Crosby

Executive Team Member

Brewster has served as President and CEO of several portfolio companies at Unique Investments, a west coast private equity firm. He was also a Senior Associate for New Vantage Group, an early stage capital firm, and uses his skills to support educational initiatives in the classroom that increase learning retention and improve behavior.


Jennifer Weaver-Spencer

Curriculum Development Manager

Jennifer loves to travel and explore new places. She has worked in the supplemental education industry since 1997 and has a passion for creating educational materials that support each student’s learning adventure.