Spring Activities to Get Kids Moving

Spring is here with warmer days that beckon from sunlit windows. With the open-window season upon us, many students want to be  active and explore the outdoors. Signs of spring activity abound — grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing. 

At Walkabouts, we are eager to get kids moving — both indoors and outside. The shifting of seasons presents a great opportunity to fully embrace the magic that happens this time of year. Don’t let rainy, chilly days keep you away. Be sure your students dress appropriately, because springtime is here to play!

Consider these active, outdoor explorations with students — rain or shine:  


Get set with weather-ready gear to explore the wonders of a wet world on a safe and fun rainy day that is thunder- and lightning-free.

  • Worm Search: Spring showers bring more than just flowers, they also bring a lot of wiggly worms! Ask students to find and count the worms that are out and about on the wet, rainy day. 
  • Water Wonder: How much precipitation adds up on a rainy day? Have students make predictions before stepping outside. Use rain gauges or create your own containers from clear glass or plastic with an opening wide enough to catch the rain. Have students carefully place containers outside to collect the rainfall throughout the day. Measure the rain accumulation in each container to determine the average rainfall collected. 


If possible, have students dress in appropriate post-rainy day apparel — raincoats and boots — so  puddle jumping is absolutely encouraged! Forget about the mess, and remember that wet and dirty clothes can be easily cleaned and dried. Ask students to bring a change of clothes for these potentially messy (and sure to be fun!) activities. 

  • Puddle Depth: How deep is that puddle? Use rulers to have students measure and record the depth of a puddle at different spots in the puddle (outside edge, center, etc.). Then, ask students to use the ruler to compare the measurements to their rain boots or shoes to find out how high the water reaches from the bottom of their boots or shoes.    
  • Puddle Jump: This activity is sure to make a splash! Encourage jumping into shallow puddles to build strength, enhance coordination, and improve balance. If desired, encourage students to hop on one foot, skip, gallop, or complete other movements through puddles.  
  • Water Volume: How much water does that puddle hold? Have students use measuring cups to transfer the water in a puddle into a large bucket. One student should use tally marks to record each cup of water removed from the puddle. If possible, divide students into groups, and ask each group to measure the water in a different puddle to determine which puddle held the most water and which held the least water.  


Spring brings new plants, flowers, and creatures. Get students excited about  the outdoors with opportunities for active discovery and identification.

  • Wildlife Scavenger Hunt: Ask students to look closely to spot flowers, leaves, feathers, bugs, birds, etc. If possible, follow animal movements and identify signs of habitats with footprints, nests, and holes. 
  • Nature BINGO: Create BINGO cards with  local flora and fauna to help students get to know their state’s plants, flowers, animals, and trees. If needed, also include simple items such as grass, clouds, sky, sun, etc. Challenge students to be the first to find five across or down. If desired, make this activity reusable by laminating the BINGO cards and having the students mark the spaces with dry erase markers. 
  • Spring Sounds: Buzzing insects, croaking frogs, and chirping birds makes spring an active and noisy season. Visit a natural area or park near your school, and listen to the creatures serenade the class with their sounds! If desired, try to identify the local creatures from the sounds they make. 

We can’t wait to see you explore the outdoors this spring! 

Walkabouts are web-based lessons that integrate movement with  language arts, math, and reading content. Don’t let chilly or rainy spring days limit your class’s outdoor adventures. At Walkabouts, we encourage outdoor play and learning about the natural world on any day. 

To discover more ways to keep kids active this spring, check out subscription plans for using Walkabouts in a homeschool, single classroom, daycare, or whole school setting. You can also view Walkabouts in action to learn more.