Real-world Walkabouts

Are you a creative teacher? Do you believe in keeping kids moving during the school day without taking away from instructional time? Do you want to hear from other teachers about active learning exercises? Then keep reading!


The Real-World Walkabouts initiative is a way to stimulate brainstorming around active learning ideas. We’re asking Walkabouts teachers to think about how they can incorporate physical activity into the school day in order to help children reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity while still teaching valuable education concepts.


If you have an awesome idea, write and submit your Real-World Walkabout. We’ll compile and publish them for the benefit of all teachers who share the same goal, but most of all for the children, whose bodies and brains will keep active and healthy.


Your hard work will be rewarded! If we you are a winner, we’ll publish your idea on our blog, and we’ll also spotlight you and your school as the genius behind the activity. In addition, we’ll publicly recognize your achievement on Facebook and Twitter and send you a $50 digital Amazon gift card.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your ideas! Your contributions to this initiative will help build momentum for our shared vision of increasing movement in the classroom.