Are PE Teachers the New Healthcare Heroes?

Have you heard the term healthcare time bombs? These are factors health professionals have identified as impending threats to our healthcare system. Most Americans can agree that healthcare is costly. In the next decade, numbers show that healthcare spending may grow at a rate above what the national economy can handle.(Source)

In addition, more children than ever are physically inactive. PHIT America tells us that, “the number of physically active children is declining — from almost 29 percent in 2011 down to 24.8 percent in 2016.” This is a big deal because inactivity in children is linked to obesity and serious health risks for the rest of their lives.


PE teachers can act as a safeguard against inactivity in children, helping to prevent some health risks associated with a lack of movement. PE teachers not only educate children about the importance of physical fitness and its health benefits, but also teach children the proper ways to exercise. PE teachers utilize a variety of activities, both individual and team-oriented. This allows children to find out what they like best.

The two-fold tactic of educating children on the importance of physical fitness and teaching them exercises and sports they may like can pay off big time. The 2017 Physical Activity Council Report indicates that children who had PE in school are more likely to become healthy, active adults.

PE in schools starts a positive chain reason. Students not only reduce the risk of health problems related to inactivity and obesity, they also reduce the healthcare costs associated with those conditions.


Another long-term effect of PE teachers’ efforts is improved academic performance. Exercise during the school day helps stimulate blood flow. As Dr. Julian Reed, founder of ActivEd, said in the PHIT America article, “We have definitive research showing getting children physically active in school will improve their health and will help them academically, as well, which is a big bonus. Active kids get better grades.”

PE teachers can serve as defense in combating future healthcare time bombs. Their dedication to teaching healthy habits, including exercise and sports, is crucial to preventing staggering healthcare costs in the future. PE teachers are healthcare heroes.