Real-World Walkabouts: Sidewalk Scoot

Congratulations to Caroline Duncan, our second winner! Her activity helps young children learn how to count and represent numbers with the corresponding numeral.


  • math


  • one-to-one correspondence
  • representing a number of objects with a numeral


  • Kindergarten


  • clipboards or binder clips and clipboard-sized pieces of cardboard (one for each student)
  • worksheet with boxes labeled A-Z (one for each student)
  • pencils
  • sidewalk chalk
  • outdoor area on a sidewalk or in a paved parking lot


Before beginning the activity, use sidewalk chalk to draw sets of dots, from 1 to 20. If possible,
sets should be several feet apart. Draw the sets in various arrays, not always in straight lines.
Label each set with the letters A-Z, so the sets correspond to the number of students in your
class. Depending on the number of students in your class, you may need to repeat letters.


  1. Assign each student a letter where he or she should begin. Each student should start at a
    different letter and will move in order through the alphabet. When a student reaches Z (or the
    last letter), he or she should move to A.
  2. Students should count the dots in their assigned set and write the number on their worksheet in
    the corresponding box.
  3. When students have written their numbers, they should squat.
  4. When all students are squatting, tell the class to scoot down the sidewalk to the next letter by
    doing a crab walk or crawling with hands and feet on the ground. If desired, vary the movements students use to get from one letter to the next.
  5. Continue the activity until each student has counted each set.