Elevating EdTech Use in the Classroom with Walkabouts

EdTech has exploded over the past year and in massively impactful ways. Fortunately, EdTech enabled students to continue learning and teachers to continue teaching from home when schools quickly pivoted to remote instruction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With so many EdTech solutions on the market, finding one that makes a difference at your school can be a challenge. It makes sense to be picky when adopting new technologies to ensure the solution will be a good fit for your school and is designed with teachers and students in mind. 

Walkabouts were designed to be one of the most time-effective products on the market. They’re simple for teachers to use and are proven to engage students in learning and movement.

We understand that adapting to EdTech in the classroom can be challenging, so our staff provides support for teachers to work efficiently, cover the required content, and learn how to play Walkabouts with minimum effort.

Fitting Walkabouts Into Your Learning Loss Recovery Plan

Walkabouts are web-based lessons for pre-K to second-grade students that integrate movement with language arts, math, and reading content. These lessons were inspired by years of published research.

Dr. Julian Reed, the creator of Walkabouts, is among the nation’s leading researchers studying the connection between health and academic achievement. His team confirmed that integrating physical activity into elementary curriculum leads to greater cognition and higher scores on achievement tests, so he combined movement with academic content. With Walkabouts, educators help students with learning recovery while encouraging movement in the classroom.

Streamlined Technology

To play a Walkabout, teachers simply select a grade, subject, subcategory, and standard. These steps take just a few seconds. Professional development is not required. However, if teachers need support or want to learn about the additional features of Walkabouts, ActivEd step-by-step reference guides and videos are available.

Educator Approved

Walkabouts help teachers use their time effectively in the classroom, are known for ease of use, and include technical support. In a survey of over 150 teachers who use Walkabouts, 84% reported that Walkabouts were important or very important to reinforce math, language arts, or reading concepts that were previously taught. Many educators leveraged Walkabouts to review a concept before starting new material. One teacher commented, “We are using them as introductions to lessons and during transition times. I use them just about every day (and my students expect to see them now too!)”


Independent researchers at Iowa State University and the University of California at Irvine examined the impacts of Walkabouts as a supplement to traditional lessons versus controls with traditional lessons alone. Pre-K to second grade students exposed to Walkabouts’ standards-aligned, physically engaging lessons for eight weeks showed significant improvements in inattention, reduction in hyperactivity, and increase in classroom engagement, an indicator of academic performance in math and language arts.

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