6 Tips For Teachers to Learn New EdTech Quickly and Efficiently

Your school or district has purchased new EdTech, and now you are expected to implement it in your classroom. Where do you even start?

The good news is that the best educational technology companies recognize that teachers don’t have a lot of free time to get up and running with new programs. On top of lesson planning, classroom organization, and meetings, there isn’t much room for playing around with new software.

To help combat this challenge, Walkabouts recommends 6 of the best ways to learn new educational technology quickly and efficiently.

  1. Attend any training offered by the educational technology company. If possible, test-drive the new technology before attending the training and make a list of questions to have answered or demonstrated by the instructor that day. If you have a question, chances are another educator has had the same one.
  2. View any how-to videos provided by the EdTech company. How-to videos often show the technology in action and will answer many basic logistical questions.
  3. Review any quick reference guides, frequently asked questions, or how-to guides provided by the educational technology company. In-depth guides often cover frequently asked questions and address any shortcomings that other users have brought to the company’s attention.
  4. Ask a teacher expert for help. In the “I do, we do, you do” strategy, students first watch the teacher model the technology, then students use the technology themselves. You may wish to employ this strategy when learning new EdTech.
  5. Enlist the help of your tech-savvy students or former students. Using knowledgeable student volunteers as tech support is becoming a trend in education.
  6. If all else fails, contact the educational technology company’s Help Desk with your questions.


At Walkabouts, we want to make sure that teachers and students can start using our educational technology right away, so we want the learning curve to be as small as possible. Our web-based platform is designed to be user-friendly with instructions that don’t require a manual to get started! Here are a few resources to get you moving with Walkabouts:

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